From the start, when bigger-than-life founder Mitch Alfus opened the family-business, he introduced a healthy dose of creativity and passion for skins in the very heart of the company, united behind the slug “Raw Beauty.”

Often operated in stark contrast to the traditional tenets of the fashion industry, Libra became the go-to source for fashion and interior designers looking for the best leather available in America by providing a widely-coveted luxury service based on the art of importing the world’s finest leather. With a keen ability in sensing the next “it” leather treatments and colors, Mitch grew Libra Leather into a wholesale powerhouse.

The tradition continues until today, bigger and better, by offering an ever-increasing array of intricate and exotic leathers that cannot be found anywhere else. An exciting new showroom in the heart of SOHO and a 7000 square feet showroom in L.A. offers an unrivaled and ever-growing library of skins dense with the legends of the designer who wielded them.