A native New Yorker, father of 3, and avid collector of timeless artifacts and antiques, Mitch Alfus has made a career of leveraging his trademark “impeccable taste” to elevating the quality and reach of leather in the fashion world. While he shows a genuine respect for the rugged, distressed look of classic leather, it’s his innovative way of presenting “luxurious, soft and beautiful” skins that makes him truly stand out.

With a purely instinctive eye, Alfus materialized his vision for Libra Leather by ushering a new market focused on supple leathers, a feel once only attainable in the finest silks and wools. For decades since, Libra Leather has impressively ushered never-before-seen skins from the far corners of the globe (treated with finishes impossible to imagine) directly into the hands of the most distinguished American fashion, home décor and accessories designers… permanently shifting the perceptions and demand of leather.